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Maintain Your Child’s Oral Hygiene ~ Use Oral Spray to Keep Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy


Since birth, parents dote on everything a baby does and needs, from the child’s behavioral responses and growth curve to the cleansing and sanitizing of baby products. But there is something that moms and dads often accidentally overlook – the baby’s oral health.


When should I start paying attention to my baby’s oral health?


Many people think babies shouldn’t need oral care since they haven’t teethed yet. But it is imperative to build good oral hygiene habits for your baby starting from birth. You can help your baby get used to oral cleaning as early as when they are on milk. Newborns sleep for long periods, and bacteria can quickly multiply in the mouth because infants secrete less saliva and swallow less when sleeping. Therefore, it is recommended to use a special gauze cloth moistened with a bit of warm water to wipe clean the baby’s gums about 15-20 minutes after milk. You can also use a children’s oral spray to clean the mouth.


Does your child like to brush their teeth?


Many possible factors determine whether a child will like brushing their teeth. Most children who do not like brushing their teeth were not patiently taught or had a bad first experience brushing them. So learning how to guide your child to brush their teeth properly is a lesson that smart moms and dads need to work on!

  • Use fun ways to get your baby interested in brushing their teeth

Talk, sing, or use funny gestures to distract your baby, or, if your child is older, you can encourage them to brush their teeth with toothbrushing games or small rewards (such as collecting stickers).

  • Choose safe, mild-flavored, and non-irritating oral care products to reduce resistance

Most adults’ toothpaste is mint-flavored, making them slightly irritating to our tastebuds. Also, the ingredients in adult toothpaste are not recommended for children. Toothpaste for children is usually fruit-flavored, but some cavity-prevention toothpaste or mouthwash is still mildly irritating. For more sensitive babies, moms and dads must select a toothpaste brand and flavor that the child can accept.

  • Set an example and brush your teeth together

Children learn by mimicking their parents and love copying their mom’s and dad’s actions. You can use this advantage to invite them to brush their teeth with you, which improves their oral health and also fosters parent-child bonding.

  • Let your child choose a toothpaste flavor and oral hygiene products

Letting your child have a “choice” is a good step in establishing oral hygiene habits and home education. When they can make their own choices, they tend to be more accepting of the results of their choices.

  • Choose a way that your child likes and can accept to keep their mouth clean

Some babies do not like the “foreign body sensation” from gauze wipes or toothbrushes, etc., so there is no need to force them to accept it at first. You can opt to use a children’s oral spray instead to help them clean their mouth, then slowly guide them in establishing proper brushing habits.


Smart moms and dads can take care of their baby’s oral hygiene this way


A magic mousse that provides 360-degree oral care


“It is natural that children don’t know how to brush their teeth.” Before the age of nine, a child’s wrist muscles are not yet fully developed, making it harder to apply force when twisting in different directions. This makes it a bit difficult for them to properly brush their teeth. MIT’s children’s anti-cavity mousse toothpaste is manufactured in a local green organic factory and is 100% made of edible ingredients. It is also certified by EcoCert, EU’s organic certification, and contains zero coloring and artificial flavorings, making it safe even if accidentally ingested. The spray contains natural catechins and sorbitol to accelerate bacterial metabolism, making it difficult for dental bacteria to attach to the oral cavity. The delicate foam can penetrate every tooth crevice, leaving no space unclean. Brushing and rinsing are done together at the same time! The mousse helps clean the places your child can’t reach when brushing, preventing teeth cavities with half the effort.


The children’s anti-cavity mousse toothpaste not only helps clean your child’s teeth but can also be used by adults. Carry it with you when you’re out and about. Just one spray will thoroughly cleanse your mouth of odors and bacteria, and always keep your breath confident!


Enhancing oral hygiene at the right time


What is an oral spray? Do oral sprays work? Many parents may have these questions. Let’s go back to the principles to find out how children’s oral spray can help babies strengthen their oral health.


The four main culprits of tooth cavities are food, bacteria, tooth nature, and time accumulation. Some other risk factors of tooth decay include the fact that children’s muscles are not yet fully developed to brush properly, brushing is inconvenient when outside, not brushing after eating, being lazy and not brushing, or long periods of bacteria growth because the baby was sleepy after drinking milk before bedtime and mom and dad don’t want to wake them up to brush their teeth, etc.


[Babysassi] children’s oral spray is specially designed to cope with times when it is not convenient to brush teeth. It can be used after the three meals, bedtime milk, snacking, and even after brushing and before bed for extra protection. It can quickly balance the mouth’s pH, replenish calcium, and stabilize the enamel anytime. babysassi’s Baby Oral Spray comes in a variety of fruit flavors, surprising babies with something new each time and helping them naturally fall in love with cleaning their teeth.


We recommend the only children’s oral spray in Taiwan with dual organic international safety certification – babysassi’s Baby Oral Spray. It contains no alcohol, preservatives, abrasives, triclosan, or chemical bactericides. With unique Japanese nanosilver ions, the spray can effectively kill bacteria. Let us help you take care of your baby’s precious teeth!

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